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At charterCAYMAN, we provide complimentary masks, fins and snorkels on board our boats and you will have plenty of opportunities to put these on and jump into the beautiful Cayman blue and explore the wonder of our marine life.

The warm, calm and crystal clear waters of Grand Cayman are ideal for snorkelers of all ages and abilities. We have a wide variety of marine habitats here to explore. In the North Sound, sea grass beds; barrier reef coral gardens; Stingray City and Sandbar are easily accessible by boat and are a short ride from our dock and to amenities such as restaurants and bars. On the west side of the island near to Seven Mile Beach there are wreck sites, such as the Kittiwake; shallow coral reefs and swim-throughs such as Eden Rock to explore. There really is something for all ages ranges and abilities.

Snorkel Grand Cayman's beautiful coral reefs

Snorkel Grand Cayman’s beautiful coral reefs