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Snorkel the Kittiwake Wreck Grand Cayman - Private Charter

Charter Cayman is now officially licensed to take snorkel tours to the wreck of the Kittiwake in Grand Cayman which rests upright on a sandy bottom in 62 feet of water off Seven Mile Beach. See this wreck for yourself on your own private charter boat.

The USS Kittiwake was originally launched in 1945 to assist with WWII submarine operations as a rescue vessel, escorting the submarines during their maneuvers during sea trials to monitor diving operations. She was stationed initially in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico but during her reign her missions took her across the atlantic to the mediterranean (Spain and Greece). She was decommissioned in 1994 and purchased by the Cayman Islands Government for an undisclosed amount to be sunk as a dive site. She was finally laid to rest in January 2011.

Primarily a dive site, as a snorkeller you can see the main deck and the topography of the ship as well as look down the smoke stack which opens at the bottom of the hull in the engine rooms. It is also a very interesting site for Freediving as the depth makes for some interesting swim-throughs.

To visit this site a permit must be obtained, and Cayman operators who take snorkel tours must be officially licensed by the Cayman Islands Toursism Association in order to take guests.

This is an advanced snorkel site but definitely one not to be missed if you are a wreck enthusiast. Various species of fish also inhabit this wreck and as the visibility here in Grand Cayman is usually excellent, you will be able to see some of them from the surface.



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