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Reef Fishing

Consider a stop for some reef fishing as part of your private charter itinerary. We offer Reef Fishing as part of your charter package for no additional cost. Reef fishing is basically bottom fishing using bait and a light-weight rod and tackle. It is done inside the reef in a convenient spot and does not involve trolling (it is not deep sea fishing). Most of the time we practice catch and release fishing so the fish can swim another day. If you do want to keep your fish you can do so, provided they are within local catch/size limits.

This is a fun activity for all ages, and is particularly fun for young children who are fascinated by fishing rods and love to get up close and personal with the brightly colored fish that we catch.

Common catches include parrot fish, grunts, snappers, and smaller reef species.

Like all forms of fishing, we don’t always catch anything but we sure have a lot of fun trying! You will need a charter time of four hours minimum for this activity.

Reef Fishing is a fun family activity!

Reef Fishing is a fun family activity!