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Stingray City | Stingray Sandbar

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There are actually two iconic “Stingray City” sites in Grand Cayman Cayman Islands, each amazing in their own right. Both are located in Grand Cayman’s North Sound, just inside the the barrier reef, and a short trip from our pick up locations. You will need to plan for at least 40 minutes at either location in order to properly enjoy this experience.

The local dive-lore has it that fishermen returning from their days fishing would tie up inside the reef to clean their catch. Stingrays began to congregate looking for a free meal and eventually allowed divers to feed them by hand. A Cayman attraction was born! Today thousands of people visit here each year to experience the magic of Cayman’s rays.

Stingray City
Stingray City is the deeper of the two sites (12 ft) and is a popular dive site and snorkel spot. It is much better snorkelling here than Stingray Sandbar as it is closer to the reef. You have a really good chance of seeing reef fish, eels and of course Southern Stingrays here. Highly recommended for the more advanced snorkeller, but please note that you cannot stand up at this site.

Stingray Sandbar
Stingray Sandbar is the famed sand bar where the water depth is very shallow, and depending on the tides, can range from 3-6 ft deep. You can easily stand in this location. Highly recommended for novice swimmers, beginner snorkellers and small children.

Stingray City

Stingray City

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