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Destinations | Grand Cayman | Cayman Islands

Experience some of Grand Cayman Cayman Island’s most exciting activities with Charter Cayman on your own private boat. Your captain will ensure you have the experience of a lifetime whether it be swimming with stingrays at Stingray City or helping your kids to find starfish at Starfish Point. Click on the images below for further information, as well as photos of each. If you’re still undecided, we can of course assist you to plan your private and truly personalised itinerary. If it’s not listed here, just ask us. We are a true private charter company, there are no set tours or departure times – you tell us where, what and how long.

Restaurants & Beach Bars

Whether you want a casual, shoes-off burger-and-fries joint, or 5-star dining, there is plenty of choice. It's a great way to sneak in a lunch or cocktail, and gives your family break from the sun, sea and sand. Click on the image for more information...

Starfish Point

A remote beach situated on the Northern coast of Grand Cayman at the end of a finger kai, with shallow, crystal clear water on all sides. Starfish naturally live here and regularly frequent the shallows looking for food. Click on the image for more information about this location...

Stingray City and Stingray Sandbar

There are actually two iconic ”Stingray City” sites in Grand Cayman, each amazing in their own right. Both are located in Grand Cayman’s North Sound, just inside the the barrier reef, and a short trip from our pick up locations. Click on the image for more informaiton about this location...

Snorkelling/Coral Gardens

Visit some of Grand Cayman's best snorkelling spots on your own private boat. A must-do Cayman experience!