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Boat Picnics

Your charter cost includes complimentary waters, sodas and light snacks (chips/granola bars). By all means you may bring your own additional food, snacks or drinks.

If you would like, you can order food in advance. For a fee, charterCAYMAN can purchase any food/drink items for you and have the boat fully stocked for you prior to boarding. A $50 surcharge fee will apply, and the cost of all food/drink items will be included on your final bill.

We can order from any Cayman restaurant if we have notice, but some of our suggestions are below:

small (10-12), medium (16-18) or large (22-25) food party platters:

Meat and Cheese – US$52-66
Sandwiches – US$32-66
Chicken Wings – US$38-66
Fruit and Cheese – US$38-62
Vegetable and Dip – US$25-50
Sushi Roll – US$38-100
Party platters are ordered 24 Hours PRIOR to your charter time and once ordered, are non-refundable.

If you wish purchase alcoholic beverages and bring them on board we can order and collect on your behalf. We will bill you per regular store prices (in US$) per order, just let us know your budget or exact choice/alternative choice.