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Cayman Islands Rum Run SUP Race 2013 - Charter Cayman VIP Cruise

What is the Cayman Islands Rum Run SUP Race? “SUP” or Stand Up Paddleboard is probably the hottest new trend in Cayman. Here in Cayman, where calm, glassy seas are the norm and the lifestyle is sun, sea and sand, SUP is the perfect sport! Whether you are a weekend warrior, beginner,  or pro it is truly the perfect way to keep fit and enjoy the water.

For the first time this year, thanks to Waterman, the Cayman Islands is hosting the Cayman Islands Rum Run SUP Event, to take place 19-20 January 2013.

19th January – Day 1 is the North Sound Challenge, a distance SUP race starting from Rum Point and continuing across Grand Cayman’s North Sound (roughly 7 miles). It’s the first event of it’s kind here in Cayman and beginning to make waves internationally in the SUP circles. Events planned for the day include board demos, Paddleboard Yoga and prize giving and raffle.

Charter Cayman is a proud sponsor of the North Sound Challenge Saturday 19 January and are giving away VIP tickets to one lucky winner and up to 7 of their friends aboard the Charter Cayman “Rum Runner”. Starting at 1pm, Cruise over to Rum Point in style on one of our boats, where you will enjoy Seven Fathoms rum punch (all you can drink) and beers by Miller Lite. Be front and center for all of the action aboard your own private boat! We will have the perfect vantage point for the start of the race, and follow the paddleboarders all the way to the finish line. The only way you can get this close is to actually take part!

Prizes are being given away by SPIN 94.9 FM – live on air Friday 18 January. To enter, simply visit their Facebook Page at this link and add your name to the list. It’s that easy. Hurry the draw is this Friday!

Sign up tp WIN here:

20 January – Day 2 takes place on Seven Mile Beach at Calico Jacks and includes a number of beach-side races, including the Paddle Fit Challenge, Short Race, Relay Race and Kids Race. Take part and you will automatically be entered to win a Charter Cayman 3 hour private charter,for up to 6 people – any time you like to the destination of your choice on Grand Cayman.

We look forward to seeing you out this weekend!

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Let the Good Times Roll! - Mardi Gras Cayman Islands 2013

Mardi Gras, or “Fat Tuesday” is traditionally celebrated in the Cayman Islands on the Public Holiday (usually Ash Wednesday). The majority of Cayman residents do not have to work on Ash Wednesday. This, together with the perfect weather that often accompanies this time of year in the Cayman Islands make it a perfect excuse to flock to the beaches, and spend time on the water for sun, sea, sand and good times!

The tradition of Mardi Gras arose with the celebrations and revelry that followed a day of feasting on rich, fatty foods and drinking to excess on the day before what is traditionally the start of a fasting period in many cultures; Lent. Many countries continue to evoke the tradition and dress in costume, wear masks, and of course wear and trade beads. It really is an excuse to party, eat, drink and be merry.

In Cayman the biggest celebration occurs at Kaibo, where they host a Mardi Gras event, usually a party on the beach not to be missed. It has been a must-attend feature in the local calendar for many years. The traditional method of travel is – BOAT. This year, Kaibo Mardi Gras is 13 February 2013.

So, if you’re on island, want to experience a bit of Cayman’s pop-culture AND want to do it in style – consider chartering your own private boat. One of our captains can take you so you don’t have to worry about driving. It’s your boat so take as many, or as few people with you as you like. You can even plan to include a stop at Stingray City, or snorkel spot. Charter Cayman is a true private boat charter experience. Email or call 1 (345) 916 0230 to make your reservation. Call now – space is limited.






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